Here is the template that must be used if you want to write a story.

  • First, put your username so people know who wrote the story.
  • Second, add a description. It should have stuff like 'What your story is about' and 'Why are your writing it'.
  • Third, write a Prologue. (Optional)
  • Fourth, Write your story!
  • Fifth, write a Epilogue. (Optional)
  • Sixth, make an End Note. This is a great place to post links to your other storys or ask people what they think of your story!


This story was written by (user name)


I wrote this story to show people how to write their own stories.


Write your prologue here

Chapter 1

Write chapter 1 here

Chapter 2

Write chapter 2 here

Chapter 3



Write your epilogue here

End Note

Write your End Note hear

That's it! Creating your own fan story is easy and simple. Be as creative and imaginative as you can!