Chapter One:Tough TimesEdit

"How could you do that to him?"screamed the merchant at Randy the warrior, clearly enraged that his best had, like exploded. "It was to summon the Wall of Flesh! And it seemed like he was ready!"retaliated [[[Randy]], who was also distraught but understood that it had to be done to save the world.Really though, it didn't seem like he was saving it, heck monsters started to appear more and new,tougher mobs were spawning at an alarming rate. Maybe he never noticed this before, but the corruption was spreading. Also, they found a new biome near were they were living. Randy wanted to call it "Pixielandia" but the dryad announced it's official name was the Hallow. "The hallow?The name is so shallow!"exclaimed Randy, grinning. Arielle sighed. Not hardworking, not serious... how he beat the WoF is beyond her. "Randy, be serious! You just killed Kevin and you're still happy!" scolded Ariella, clearly intent on bending his mood. It... didn't work."What-ev. I'm just happy the rest of us are still alive," and shrugged. Arielle sighed then got picked down by a unicorn."Need help?" offered Randy. Arielle thought it over, then nodded eyes. Randy then proceeded to kill it with a gold sword.