Name: XxAitselecxX

Age: 13

Quote: "I heard the words Giant Bunny and changed my mind"

Appearance: Dryad

Class: Ranger, Master

Personality: Shy

Gender: Female

Bio: Princess Dryad, Fights for light.

Alignment: Light + Dryad

Skill: Incredable Stealth

Pre-Hardmode Edit

Gear: The Beekeeper, Dirt Rod, Miniashark, Blowgun, Musket, Tendon bow, Star Cannon, Boomstick


Armor: Necro Armor

Accessories: Bundle of Balloons, Frostspark Boots, Frog Leg, Water Walking Boots, Sweetheart necklace

Pets/Minions: Hornet, Bunny pet

Ammo: Hellfire Arrows, Fallen Stars, Seeds, Meteor Shots

Hardmode Edit

Gear: S.D.M.G, Prox mine launcher, Hallowed Repeater, Sniper Rifle, Snowman Cannon, Tsnuami, Ice rod, Dirt rod


Armor: Shroomite Armor

Accessories: Leaf Wings, Star Veil, Sniper Scope, Gravity Globe, Lava Waders

Pet/Minions: Fairy, Sapling, Hornet, Bunny mount

Ammo: Chlorophyte Bullets, Rocket III, Holy Arrows