Name: XxLegoTadhgxX

Age: 13

Quote: "Away from the staff you dimwits or you shall doom us all!"

Appearance: Dark Water Mage

Class: Mage

Personality: Power Lustful

Gender: Male

Bio: Rules the Dark Mages, is a high ranking Water Mage.

Alignment: Evil + Water

Skill: Using the Dark Arts without any items.

Pre-Hardmode Edit

Gear: Nights Edge, Diamond Staff, Water Bolt, Flamelash, Flower of Frost, Amethyst Staff, Bee Gun

XxLegoTadhgxX (PHM) Character

Armor: Magic Hat, Diamond Robe, Jungle Pants

Accessories: Frostspark Boots, Bundle of Balloons, Magic cuffs, White horseshoe Balloon, Lava Waders

Pets/Minions: Hornet, Black Cat, Shadow Orb

Hardmode Edit

Gear: Spectre Scythe, Razorpine, Golden Shower, Inferno Fork, Shadowbeam Staff, Blizzard Staff

XxLegoTadhgxX (Hardmode) Character

Armor: Spectre Armor

Accessories: Steampunk Wings, Star Veil, Celestial Cuffs, Gravity Globe, Lava Waders

Pet/Minions: Wisp, Black Cat, Sharknado